North Beach Green Alternative


The Green Alternative for the revitalization of North Beach is a scenic public park extending from the rolling green lawns of the historic Ole Hanson Beach Club.  This seaside park will enhance and preserve ocean views from Ole Hanson Beach Club, the Casino, the MIramar, Ichibiri, El Camino Real & Pico, and the Pacific Coast Bike Route on Calle Deshecha. Existing historic coral and signature palm trees (not shown) will be preserved, and additional trees and shrubs (shown) will enhance the park.  See the Conceptual Park Plan by local architect Ricardo Nicol, and the Landscape Drawing by Bill Hilliard.

Ole Hanson Park will take 33 spaces on the parking triangle but provide at least 45 new parking spaces on city owned property on El Camino Real. The North Beach Green Alternative will increase the current number of public parking spaces on the ocean side of El Camino Real from 318 (City Staff Report to Planning Commission, May 19, 2010) to 330 spaces.

Read about how a public park at North Beach can provide seaside recreation for all to enjoy with these Public Benefits.

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