Public Benefits of the Green Alternative

  1. Public Beach Access Enhanced

  2. Ocean & Scenic Views Preserved & Enhanced

  3. No Blocked Views from Ole Hanson Beach Club, Casino, Miramar, Pico & El Camino Real & Ichibiri’s

  4. Increases “Close-in” Beach Parking

  5. Increases Parking for Renovated Casino & Miramar

  6. Protects Parking for Ole Hanson Beach Club

  7. Public Park instead of 51,000 sq. ft. Multi-Story Buildings

  8. Saves Historic Coral Trees & Signature Palm Trees

  9. Decreases  Adverse Environmental Impacts—Pollution, Traffic, etc.

  10. No Distant Parking North of El Camino Real

  11. No Dangerous Traffic Crossing El Camino Real to Distant Parking

  12. Protects “Close-in” Parking for Metrolink

  13. Protects Valuable Public Property from Being Sold

  14. Preserves Safe Use of Pacific Coast Bike Route on Calle Deshceha

  15. Consistent with General Plan & Coastal Act

  16. New Beach Park Cafe will Serve Park and Beach Trail Users


    The North Beach Green Alternative offers more public benefits for all members of the community than does the LAB project.  Moreover, there is no negative environmental impact associated with a green park.  These benefits include but are not limited to: